HOPE 4 HOOVES: Executive Director Dr. Valerie A. Porter AG-ACNP
(501(c) 3 # 84-4809958) For more info email vpdreamer@sbcglobal.net

Dr. Porter started rescuing hooved and other farm animals in 2017. Hope 4 Hooves officially became a non-profit 501 (c) 3 entity February of 2020. This organization has transported 21 kill pen horses for re-home and training since 2017. Many of our horses are re-homed with kids learning to ride and compete for the first time others are re-homed with experienced riders or families looking to add to their home. Many of their horses/animals have been through the auction pipeline multiple times before being purchased by a slaughter buyer others are dropped off at auction and sold for their weight, all have many valuable years left to give


Changing the lives of kill pen horses. Heaven can wait we have tons left to give!