Sheila Ghodsian

Beverly Hills, CA | Sales Director | #

My daughter was a four-year varsity HS basketball player who learned everything she knows about the game directly from Coach Smith.  He taught her the fundamentals of the game which has led to her great success throughout her high school basketball career.  By her Sr year she was recognized as one of the top players in her league for her final three years.  Coach Smith helped her to develop all the necessary skills, both offensively and defensively to compete.  He just doesn’t teaches players physical skills but he shows players how to play the game mentally as well.  His passion for the game is evident in all the time and effort he puts into making every single child that comes his way to truly become the best that they can be .By the time  Whitney’s became a senior year at Milken High School she was named All League three times and named the Heritage League MVP  2010.   In October of 2011 Whitney walked on and made the team at USC.