Alonzo Singleton LA CA


At an early age, my son Joseff developed the basic skills of basketball and has acquired a keen interest in the sport at the local parks and recreation centers.  After recognizing these factors, I felt that it was imperative that I seek professional help for him so that he may develop these skills in the proper manner.  Since the local parks and recreation centers didn’t offer this level of training, we were fortunate enough to meet Coach Bill Smith, of the Bevwood Cougars.  The Cougars basic philosophy stresses the fundamentals and the team approach.  Joseff has grasped the Cougars fundamental for the past three years and I can bear witness, this philosophy has yielded championships.  I believe that if your child can grasp these fundamental skills, their chance of functioning exceptionally well at the next level will be greatly enhance. His Jr.Year in HS (2011) he led Inglewood to the State regional semi-finals. Joseff in his senior year at Inglewood HS led his team to CIF finals. (SMC Grad 2015)

A Concerned Father