Alonzo Cephus LA CA

CEO of Example Inc

I enrolled my son Alex in Bevwood at age eleven for two reasons.  1) He was tall for his age and 2) he had practically no basketball experience at all (unless you count playing one on one with me in the backyard).  He was 5′ 11″ but his basketball skills were poorly developed.  At Bevwood, under the tutelage of Coach Bill Smith and his staff, my son made tremendous strides in improving his basketball skills.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, he learned a lot of basketball fundamentals and developed a very good sense of the game and court awareness. He improved so much that at the end of the year he played a pivotal role in Bevwood winning 1st place in the “Santa Barbara Classic Tournament” for boys 12 and under and was voted “All Tournament MVP.”  This was made possible by the sound training he received in basketball fundamentals at Bevwood. Alex was a member of the Samo HS Varsity team ranked 19th in Southern California. (Univ.of Oregon Grad 2014)